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8-Part Series: “A Biblical Approach to Jewish Outreach – 2012”
Message Title Part Date Speaker
mp3 Biblical Basis for Jewish Outreach
(To the Jew First)
Part 1 2/4/12 Larry Feldman
mp3 Sharing With the Right Attitude
(Provoke Them to Jealousy)
Part 2 2/11/12 Larry Feldman
mp3 Presenting Messiah From the
Jewish Scriptures (Tenach)
Part 3 2/25/12 Larry Feldman
mp3 More Thoughts on the Messiah Part 4 3/10/12 Larry Feldman
mp3 Presenting a Case for the Messiah
(Will the Real Messiah Stand Up!)
Part 5 3/17/12 Larry Feldman
mp3 Presenting the Plan of Atonement
From the Jewish Scriptures (Tenach)
(The Jerusalem Road for Salvation)
Part 6 3/24/12 Larry Feldman
mp3 A Defense of Messianic Congregations Part 7 4/14/12 Larry Feldman
mp3 Presenting God’s Plan for Israel
From the Jewish Scriptures (Tenach)
Israel Independence Day
Part 8 4/21/12 Larry Feldman