Joshua 13 - Steve Wiggins Daily Devotional

“Joshua was now old, advanced in years, and the L_rd said to him, ‘You have become old, advanced in years, but a great deal of the land remains to be possessed. This is the land that remains:’” Joshua 13:1-2a

In chapters 13 & 14, the L_rd quickly turned Israel’s focus, from past victories to unconquered land. The first thing Adonai does is strengthen Israel’s leader, Joshua. Aging warriors are more pitied than remembered. At a point where Joshua may have “felt” unable to fight, G_d declares him “able”.

Personally, I love how G_d begins with acknowledging Joshua’s obvious physical limitations. “You’re old, advanced in years”. I’ve heard it said that you’re only as young as you feel. G_d was letting Joshua know He was aware of his advanced years. But more important than Joshua’s age, was G_d’s promise of victory.

“Don’t stop!” Those were the words of my college Cross Country coach, Jay Flannigan. I had been resting an injury for a week, when it came time four our meet at Murray State University. Because I didn’t feel able to run, my coach convinced me to run the first 2 miles of a six-mile race. At the end of 2 miles, I was in 1st place, so coach yelled out, “Don’t stop! I’ll see you at the next mile marker!” I yelled out, “I’m hurting! He responded, “You’re winning!”

For the next 4 miles, Coach Flannigan and I had the same discussion at each mile marker. I wanted to quit every at the end of every mile, and Coach kept saying, “You can’t quit while you’re in 1st place!” That day, not only did I win the race, but I set a course record.

Perhaps, you’re tired of running the race of “Faith”. Maybe you feel like you’re too old, or you’re too young to rise to whatever occasion the L_rd is calling you to. Keep running! Keep on, believing! It’s the only way to win.

G_d will go before us when we invest our faith in action. We have faith because we have a promise. We gain understanding of His promise, when we commit to study His word. Then, when we pray, “How should I employ Your Word in my life?”, He gives us a plan, HIS PLAN, which gaurantees success in what He has called us to.

True success is not a matter of age, or lack thereof. Success, in G_d’s eyes, is when His people move-out in faith. He provides the calling and equipping, we must respond in the obedience and then He will provide the increase.

~Steve Wiggins
Daily Devotional, Tuesday, July 29, 2014