Numbers 1 - Steve Wiggins Daily Devotional

“Take a census of the entire Israelite community by their clans and their ancestral houses, counting the names of every male one by one. You and Aaron are to register those who are 20 years old or more, by their military divisions – everyone who can serve in Israel’s army. A man from each tribe is to be with you, each from his ancestral house. These are the names of the men who are to assist you: Numbers 1:2-5

One month after the erection of the Tabernacle, Moses is commanded to muster all the men of military age, i.e. those twenty years of age and upwards. It’s time for war! Can you imagine the spiritual and national inertia that has built to this moment?

Let’s refresh: Creation, the fall of man, the flood, Abraham, the “Covenant”, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph sold into slavery, and redemption of his kinsmen, Egyptian captivity, Moses, the plagues, the 10 commandments…plus 603 more commandments.

This whole time, everything has been pointing to G_d’s promise to the patriarchs, that Israel WILL inherit the land. “Numbers” begins with a military census. Israel’s forceful acquisition of Canaan looks imminent…excitement is in the air!

That’s a whole lot of back-story leading up to this moment, but a greater story is told here in Numbers, chapter 1. It is the story of World history, from The Creation to The Revelation. “Where?”, you may ask. Check this out…

It’s in the NAMES. Every Hebrew name has a meaning, and when we combine the meanings of Israel’s tribal leaders (and their fathers), in their recorded order, we see not only the history of Israel, but the history and hope of the World. Check it out:

G_d is my rock – Shaddai is light – At peace with G_d – G_d is my friend – My rock is Shaddai – Serpent – The divine Kinsman is generous – G_d hath given – G_d is our Father – G_d hath heard – The Divine Kinsman is glorious – G_d is my reward – The Rock has redeemed – The Father has judged – The Divine Brother is a help – The People of Shaddai – The lot or fate of G_d – Given By G_d – G_d hath added – G_d is a friend – The Divine Brother is a friend.

Victory in Canaan was assured if the men, whom G_d assembled, would march-out in faith, living-up to the characters of the NAMES they had inherited. (How well are YOU living-up to the character of the Name YOU have inherited?) Let’s see how they respond…

~Steve Wiggins, Associate Leader, Worship Leader
Shuvah Yisrael
Daily Devotional, Thursday, May 8, 2014