"Evangelism: Sharing The Gospel" - Steve Wiggins Special Devotional Series

You Gotta' Have FAITH

Let’s review: We have learned the10 COMMANDMENTS, along with 2 DIAGNOSTIC QUESTIONS that are designed to get people thinking about Heaven. We also defined “GRACE” as a gift from G_d, proving that salvation is not EARNED by good deeds/works.

We pondered mankind’s great PREDICAMENT: How can a sinner, in the presence of a perfect and holy G_d, ever commune with Him? Then, we have addressed the NATURE of G_d: He is both JUST and MERCIFUL. We put forth that G_d has reckoned these (seemingly) conflicting attributes of His character through the PERSON of MESSIAH. Finally, we learned that Yeshua is the MESSIAH…fully G_d and fully human. We learned that Yeshua paid the penalty for the sin of the World and that salvation is offered EXCLUSIVELY through Messiah, yet LIBERALLY to anyone who would accept it, by FAITH.

Today, let’s consider FAITH: What SAVING faith IS and what it is NOT.

When considering what true saving faith is, there are two common mistakes that people make: Saving faith is NOT mere head knowledge, a belief that the historical facts of the Bible actually happened. The Bible says that even Demons believe there is one G_d, so simply acknowledging the facts of the Bible does not constitute a “saving” faith.

“You believe that G_d is one; you do well. The demons also believe – and they shudder.” James 2:19

Saving faith is also NOT a temporary faith. Often times, in the midst of financial, physical of family crises, people will cry out to G_d, almost as if to bargain with Him. But as soon as those difficult circumstances pass (or if things do not go as desired), people often abandon G_d and return to their Worldly lives. It is the essence of the 3rd Commandment:

“Do not use (take) the Name of the Lord your G_d in vain.” Exodus 20:7

In essence, G_d was telling the children of Israel that they were not to cry out to Him only when they were in need, yet not devote their lives to fully be faithful to Him.

So, what IS “saving faith”? SAVING FAITH is trusting in Yeshua, the Messiah alone for your salvation. It means resting upon Messiah alone (and what He has done to atone for your sins), rather that what you have done to get yourself into Heaven.

“…Believe (trust) on the L_rd Yeshua HaMoshiach, and you will be saved…” Acts 16:31

The question before you is simple: Would you like to RECEIVE G_d’s GRACE, the gift of eternal life, offered to you NOW?

~Steve Wiggins, Associate Leader, Worship Leader
Shuvah Yisrael
Wednesday, February 5, 2014