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Message Title Passage Date Speaker
mp3 A New Beginning Rev. 22 01/04/14 Steve Wiggins
mp3 Respect Man And Honor Marriage Deut. 21:1-23 12/28/13 Larry Feldman
  Dishonoring man and marriage brings G-d's anger and curse.
mp3 Wise People Still Seek Him 2013   12/21/13 Larry Feldman
  Finding the Messiah should cause us to believe, receive, and worship Him.
mp3 Trust And Don't Compromise Deut. 20:1-20 12/14/13 Larry Feldman
  In difficult times, we should trust G-d and not compromise with the world.
mp3 Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Deut. 19:1-21 12/07/13 Larry Feldman
  We are to love our fellow man by respecting and caring for each other's life and property.
mp3 Hanukkah - The Feast of Dedication   11/30/13 Larry Feldman
  Hanukkah tells us how G-d delivered His people and prepared the world for the Messiah.
mp3 Thanksgiving 2013 - An Unfair Exchange   11/23/13 Larry Feldman
  We need to remember and thank G-d for the blessings He gives us.
mp3 Hearing G-d's Voice Deut. 18:9-22 11/16/13 Larry Feldman
  We should seek to hear G-d's voice through His message in His Word.
mp3 Kings And Priests -
Called To Be Different
Deut. 17:14-18:8 11/09/13 Larry Feldman
  G-d's family and community should humbly trust G-d and serve Him only.
mp3 Famous Last Words 2 Timothy 1 11/02/13 Steve Wiggins
  Rise up and preach the Gospel. Be aware of false preachers.
mp3 Truth, Justice, and the G-dly Way Deut. 16:18-17:13 10/26/13 Larry Feldman
  As believers, we should obey the laws of the land as well as the commandments and will of G-d.
mp3 Let's Get Together Deut. 16:1-17 10/19/13 Larry Feldman
  We are to get together regularly to celebrate G-d's blessings and faithfulness in our lives.
mp3 Called To Be Liberals Deut. 15:1-23 10/12/13 Larry Feldman
  We are called to trust G-d by caring for the needy and not forgetting to give G-d first.
mp3 Called To Be Different Deut. 14:1-29 10/5/13 Larry Feldman
  As G-d's children, we are called to be holy and different while we care for the needs of others.
mp3 Simchat Torah 2013 - Joy Of The Word   9/28/13 Larry Feldman
  Why should we read and study the Bible?
We should read and study the Bible because it is G-d's gift to guide us through life.
mp3 Sukkot 2013 - He Is With Us   9/21/13 Larry Feldman
  Sukkot tells us G-d desires to dwell with, provide, and care for His people.
mp3 Yom Kippur 2013 - We Have Atonement   9/14/13 Larry Feldman
  Yom Kippur is G-d's solution to mankind's problem of sin.
mp3 Risking It All 2013 Genesis 22:1-14 9/7/13 Larry Feldman
  Risking it all means giving your all.
mp3 The Meaning of Rosh Hashanah 2013   9/4/13 Larry Feldman
  Sounding the shofar means G-d remembered man, will regather His people and calls us to repent.
mp3 The Feasts Of Israel 2013 Leviticus 23 8/31/13 Larry Feldman
  The feasts of Israel are G-d's prophetic plan of what He does for His people.
mp3 Yamen Levy's Bat Mitzvah   8/24/13 Larry Feldman
  Yamen should serve, love and trust G-d. We should trust G-d's power to save, and live our lives for Him.
mp3 Above The Law   8/17/13 Larry Feldman
  Message Outline (pdf) What should our attitude and responsibility be towards G-d's commandments and the Law of Moses? Because the Law has been rendered inoperative, we are now free to observe it or not.
mp3 False Prophets and Their Teaching Duet. 13:1-18 8/10/13 Larry Feldman
  We should identify, reject, and flee false teachers and their destructive teachings.
mp3 Worship G-d and Don't Compromise Duet. 12:15-32 8/3/13 Larry Feldman
  Believers are called to worship G-d and not be like the world.
mp3 Reviewing the Overview of Deuteronomy Deuteronomy 7/27/13 Larry Feldman
  Moses' sermons to Israel to encourage them to obey and commit themselves to the L-rd.
mp3 Tisha B'Av 2013 A Time To Mourn   7/20/13 Larry Feldman
  Tisha B'Av teaches us even though G-d will discipline and judge sin, He still provides a way for forgiveness and atonement.
mp3 Don't Worry, Be Happy, G-d is In Control   7/13/13 Larry Feldman
  Having faith and trusting G-d should bring about a happy, worry-free life.
mp3 Yeshua Prays for His Followers John 17 7/13/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
Recorded 5/16/13 via The Living Room (
mp3 Yeshua the Good Shepherd John 10 7/6/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 Nick At Nite John 3 6/29/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 The Inquisition - Testing the Teacher Luke 20 6/22/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 Lessons on the Way to Jerusalem Luke 13 6/15/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 Come Hear & Do Luke 6 6/8/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 King of the Jews Mark 15 6/1/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
Trial of Yeshua; History of Pontius Pilate; Crucifixion; Death; Burial
mp3 The Shepherd Leads the Way Mark 8 5/25/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
The Feeding of the 4,000; Fishing Miracle; Pharisees Seeking Signs; This Generation; Beware of Leaven; Healing of the Blind Man; Who is Yeshua?
mp3 Immersion-Temptation-Action Mark 1 5/18/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 Shavuot 2013
Invitations & Inquisitions
Matthew 22 5/11/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 The Best of Bread Matthew 15 5/4/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 Yeshua - Healer of the Lame Matthew 8 4/27/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 Son of David - Son of Abraham Matthew 1 4/20/13 Steve Wiggins
  (Series: 4 Gospels in 90 Days)
mp3 G-d's Promise to the Land of Israel Gen. 12:1-3 4/13/13 Rabbi Stuart Dauermann
mp3 Yom HaShoah 2013   4/6/13 Steve Wiggins
mp3 First Fruits - Resurrection 2013   3/30/13 Larry Feldman
mp3 Palm Shabbat 2013
The Unrecognized Messiah
  3/23/13 Larry Feldman
mp3 It's All About Him Deut. 12:1-14 3/16/13 Larry Feldman
mp3 Guaranteed Success Deut. 11:16-32 3/9/13 Larry Feldman
mp3 Obedience and Loyalty Brings
Blessings and Prosperity
Deut. 11:1-17 3/2/13 Larry Feldman
mp3 Purim 2013: Sleepless in Susa Esther 2/23/13 Larry Feldman
mp3 How Do You Love? Malachi 2/9/13 Steve Wiggins
mp3 He First Loved Us Deut. 10:1-22 2/2/13 Larry Feldman
mp3 Rebels Without a Cause Deut. 9:22-29 1/26/13 Larry Feldman
mp3 Sharing Your Faith - Daniel 8 Daniel 8 1/19/13 Steve Wiggins
mp3 Let's Start Over Again 2013   1/12/13 Larry Feldman
mp3 When All Else Fails Daniel 1:1-21 1/5/13 Steve Wiggins
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