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Message Title Passage Date Speaker
mp3 Wise People Still Seek Him 2015   12/26/2015 Larry Feldman
  Finding the Messiah should cause us to believe, receive, and worship Him.
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mp3 Sabrina's Bat Mitzvah Psalm 145 12/19/2015 Larry Feldman
  Because of who G-d is and how He cares, He sent the Messiah to meet our needs.
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mp3 Hanukkah 2015
Feast of Dedication
  12/12/2015 Larry Feldman
  Hanukkah tells us how G-d delivered His people and prepared the world for the Messiah.
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mp3 Joseph, You, and the Big Picture Genesis 37:1-28 12/05/2015 Rabbi Stuart Dauermann
  In everything, G-d works for the good of those whom He calls.
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mp3 Thanksgiving 2015
An Unfair Exchange
  11/28/2015 Larry Feldman
  We need to remember and thank G-d for the blessings He gives us.
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mp3 The Right Way to Worship Revelation 4:1-11 11/21/2015 Larry Feldman
  We should worship G-d on Earth as He will be worshiped in heaven.
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mp3 Are You Hot, Cold, or Lukewarm? Revelation 3:14-22 11/14/2015 Larry Feldman
  As believers, we should trust and depend on G-d, not the things and pleasures of this world.
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mp3 Delivered From the Wrath
Why I Believe a Pre-Trib
Revelation 3:10 11/07/2015 Larry Feldman
  Though the world will suffer the wrath of G-d's judgments during the tribulation, the body of believers are called to be delivered from it.
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mp3 Faithfulness Brings Rewards Revelation 3:7-13 10/31/2015 Larry Feldman
  If we continue and follow the faith, we will be blessed and rewarded in the future.
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mp3 The Classroom of Life John 6:1-15 10/24/2015 Frank Winans
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mp3 Max Wilner's Bar Mitzvah   10/17/2015 Larry Feldman
  We should recognize the other Messiah and believe and accept it is Yeshua.
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mp3 Wake Up Get Right Revelation 3:1-6 10/10/2015 Larry Feldman
  If we make our lives right with G-d, we will avoid discipline and be greatly blessed.
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mp3 Simchat Torah 2015   10/03/2015 Larry Feldman
  Why should we read and study the Bible?
We should read and study the Bible because it is G-d's gift to guide us through life.
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mp3 Sukkot 2015 - He Is With Us   09/26/2015 Larry Feldman
  Sukkot tells us G-d desires to dwell with, provide, and care for His people.
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mp3 Yom Kippur 2015
We Have Atonement
  09/22/2015 Larry Feldman
  Yom Kippur is G-d's solution to mankind's problem of sin.
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mp3 Lessons From Testing 2015
It's For Our Good
Genesis 22 09/19/2015 Larry Feldman
  When G-d tries us, what does He want from us? G-d allows tests in our lives to prove our love and provide for our needs.
mp3 Feasts of Israel 2015 Leviticus 23 09/05/2015 Larry Feldman
  The feasts of Israel are G-d's prophetic plan of what He does for His people.
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mp3 Are We Secure?   08/29/2015 Larry Feldman
  The doctrine of eternal security rests on a proper concept of what G-d does when He saves a soul. Because we can trust G-d for our eternal salvation, we have assurance and should serve and love Him.
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mp3 2 Prayers - 1 Unexpected Answer Acts 10:1-48 08/22/2015 Bob Black
  The Great Commission.
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mp3 How to Live in the Last Days 1 Peter 1:13-2:12 08/15/2015 Cliff Koustik
  Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.
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mp3 The Lesson from the Fig Tree Mark 11-13 08/01/2015 Bob Black
  When is the second coming? Israel is G-d's clock.
mp3 Do You Have Israel In Your Heart? Romans 10:1 07/25/2015 Cliff Koustik
  Is G-d done with Israel due to their disobedience?
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mp3 The Chief Rabbi and
Part Two
  07/18/2015 Bob Black
  How we answer the question, "Who is Yeshua?", determines our eternal destiny.
mp3 Tisha B'Av 2015   07/11/2015 Larry Feldman
  Tisha B'Av teaches us even though G-d will discipline and judge sin, He still provides a way for forgiveness and atonement.
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mp3 Making the Most of Life's Opportunities Judges 11 06/27/2015 Rabbi Stuart Dauermann
  Lessons from the life of Jephthah.
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mp3 Serve and Don't Tolerate Revelation 2:18-29 06/20/2015 Larry Feldman
  While we should love all people, we should serve the Lord. We must not tolerate sin, evil, and idolatry.
mp3 The Most Sacred Place   06/13/2015 Larry Feldman
  The Temple Mount is the most sacred place in Israel because it is where G-d's glory dwelt, Messiah served, and G-d's glory will return.
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mp3 Are We Living In The Last Days? Matthew 24:1-8 05/30/2015 Cliff Koustik
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mp3 Shavuot-Pentecost 2015   05/23/2015 Larry Feldman
  Shavuot, Pentecost, The Feast of Weeks, is a G-d given holiday that should cause us to rejoice and remember.
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mp3 Called to Suffer and Persevere Revelation 2:8-11 05/09/2015 Larry Feldman
  In spite of suffering and persecution, we are encouraged to be faithful and look forward to G-d's blessings, life, and victory.
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mp3 Lost First Love Revelation 2:1-7 05/02/2015 Larry Feldman
  We should seek purity and morality as we seek intimacy with G-d.
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mp3 Things John Saw - Yeshua in Glory Revelation 1:9-20 04/25/2015 Larry Feldman
  Seeing & knowing who Yeshua is, we are sent to give forth His Word.
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mp3 G-d's Promises To Israel 2015   04/18/2015 Larry Feldman
  Israel Independence Day: What are G-d's promises to Israel and the Jewish people? G-d has promised to rebuild the land, revive His people, and establish the future Messianic Kingdom on earth.
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mp3 Yom HaShoah 2015
Holocaust Memorial
  04/11/2015 Larry Feldman
  Why all the tribulation? What is God's purpose? What does God want from His people?
mp3 First Fruits Resurrection 2015   04/04/2015 Larry Feldman
  What is a resurrection? Who will be resurrected? How many resurrections will there be? When will the resurrection take place? What does resurrection mean for us? The resurrection means we are accepted; we will see Him; and we will be rewarded for how we served Him.
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mp3 Palm Shabbat 2015
The Unrecognized Messiah
  03/28/2015 Larry Feldman
  Knowing what to expect will cause us to believe in Yeshua and live our lives for Him.
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mp3 Values Luke 15 03/21/2015 Bob Black
  The parable of the prodigal son.
mp3 Comfort My People Isaiah 40:1-8, 27-31 03/14/2015 Cliff Koustik
  What does it mean to wait on the Lord?
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mp3 What Is True Worship? John 4:1-30 03/07/2015 Cliff Koustik
  The woman at the well.
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mp3 Purim 2015 Esther 1-10 02/28/2015 Larry Feldman
  Because G-d is sovereign, faithful, and in control, we should trust and serve Him. Purim is a story of G-d's faithful deliverance. (A Curse for a Curse; Sleepless in Susa)
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mp3 Reset Your Mindset Romans 12:1-2 02/21/2015 Bob Black
  Because G-d has done this for us, we are to do this for Him.
mp3 Who Is Yeshua?
MJAA 2015
Matthew 16:13-20 02/14/2015 Larry Feldman
  Because G-d has revealed Yeshua to us, we are to reveal Yeshua to others.
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mp3 Tikkun Olam -
The Good News
in Word and Deed
Matthew 8-9 02/07/2015 Mitch Glaser
  Mitch Glaser challenges all to keep in balance the sharing of the gospel through both words and deeds; proclaiming the kingdom by showing love to unbelievers.
mp3 Yeshua Will Return And Rule Revelation 1:1-8 01/31/2015 Larry Feldman
  We are encouraged to listen to G-d and lift up and honor Yeshua.
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mp3 Book Of Revelation
Overview - Part 2
Revelation 1-22 01/24/2015 Larry Feldman
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mp3 Book Of Revelation
Overview - Part 1
Revelation 1-22 01/17/2015 Larry Feldman
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mp3 Let's Start Over Again 2015   01/10/2015 Larry Feldman
  What does G-d want from us as we go into a new year? We need to examine ourselves and rededicate our lives to G-d.
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mp3 Eight Circles Of Certainty   01/03/2015 Rabbi Stuart Dauermann
  A simple and effective approach to presenting Messianic Prophecy.
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