We explore the Word of G-d through, bible study, historical biblical experiences and the celebration of biblical holidays. Our children learn and experience the truth of Yeshua our Messiah from the Tenakh and B’rit Chadasha and focus on the connection of the gospel in its design; stemming first from creation and the fall, expressed through the Patriarchs, foreseen in the biblical holidays and the sacrificial system, predicted through the prophets and fulfilled in the person of Yeshua. Teaching both from educational and experiential models, what the children receive will impact their lives and give them a foundation of spiritual nurturing that will be an invaluable asset for them throughout their lives.

Our goal for the children is to learn how to apply these biblical truths to their lives personally through observation, interpretation and application. This is emphasized in all lessons at all age groups.

The teaching is presented in a developmentally appropriate manner. While the entire bible is G-d’s inspired word, we believe children should learn the scriptures in a way that they can relate to.

Preschool-1st grade are taught portions of scripture that allow them to get to know G-d with a focus on His love and provisions. We reserve some of the bible stories and teachings for when they are older, at which time we are more in tune to their ability to understand and internalize G-d’s love, even when His judgment is a part of the passage. Developmentally appropriate activities, crafts and games are also incorporated to allow the children to relate to the material which then enhances their retention of the teaching.

The Shabbat School model also helps to develop adult teachers to exercise their gifts at Shuvah. The most essential part of the Shabbat School is our teachers, where they learn the basic skills necessary to exemplify their gifts. Shabbat School is not only where the teachers train the children but it’s an atmosphere where the adults can learn the aspects of communication and relationship from a deep biblical sense.

Lastly, our desire and goal is that all who are involved with the
Shabbat School would learn what it means to love the L-rd with all your heart and to love others as yourself!

  • Shabbat School Service Project

We are collecting all types of plastic bottles.  The children should rinse them out put them in a plastic bag.  Everyone is welcome to join us in this project.  With the money we make we will send a donation to help the children of the Messianic Movement in Israel.

  • What We Need!

Class Helpers
Hallway Monitors