Shomer Achi

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“Shomer Achi” is Hebrew for “My Brother’s Keeper”, a Ministry at Shuvah Yisrael which teaches, cultivates, encourages and practices the “service heart of Yeshua”.

The Ministry provides an organized way for Congregants to help people who are in need, focusing first on the community within Shuvah Yisrael, then to the Body of Messiah, and then to others.

The spirit of Shomer Achi is not just about providing financial aid to those who need it, but also about being a servant to our fellow brothers and sisters in other ways. This may be delivering a meal to someone who cannot prepare one for themselves, spending time with those who feel alone, and volunteering in a variety of ways to help those in need.

We will constantly seek ways to work together with the Youth Ministry, the Shuvah Sisterhood and the Men’s Group to raise awareness of the need to cultivate and nourish the service heart throughout the Shuvah community, and help foster relevant individual projects, as well as some with joint participation from multiple groups.

A major focus of the Ministry is teaching and performing Biblical good stewardship. We will also establish some guidelines to help the Ministry develop in a sustainable way. We will stress that we are a “temporary” solution to help someone in an immediate and urgent need, but not a long-term solution or entitlement.

Financial gifts made to Shomer Achi are for benevolence only, and are not a substitute for gifts made to support the Congregation and its work.