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Message Title Passage Date Speaker
mp3 Wise People Still Seek Him 2014   12/27/2014 Larry Feldman
  Finding the Messiah should cause us to believe, receive, and worship Him.
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mp3 Hanukkah 2014 Feast Of Dedication   12/20/2014 Larry Feldman
  Hanukkah tells us how G-d delivered His people and prepared the world for the Messiah.
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mp3 At Messiah's Feet   12/13/2014 Bob Black
mp3 It Is G-d Who Is Working Deut. 34:1-12 12/06/2014 Larry Feldman
  While G-d takes away and raises up servants, His purposes and plans will still be accomplished.
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mp3 Thanksgiving 2014
An Unfair Exchange
  11/29/2014 Larry Feldman
  We need to remember and thank G-d for the blessings He gives us.
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mp3 They Shall Look On Me,
Whom They Have Pierced
Neh. 8; Zech. 12 11/22/2014 Erez Soref, ICB
mp3 G-d Blesses His Children Deut. 32:48-33:29 11/15/14 Larry Feldman
  Because G-d will keep His promises to bless His children, we should turn to Him for our safety, security, and prosperity.
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mp3 Song of Moses Pt.3
You've Been Warned
Deut. 32:23-47 11/08/14 Larry Feldman
  Though G-d will judge His children, He will also avenge and deliver them.
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mp3 Song Of Moses Pt.2
You Have Been Warned
Deut. 31:30-32:22 11/01/2014 Larry Feldman
  When we reject G-d's goodness and faithfulness, we can expect His anger and discipline in our lives.
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mp3 A Warning For The Ages Deut. 31:1-29 10/25/2014 Larry Feldman
  By not accepting G-d's call and submitting to His will, we will suffer the consequences for our actions.
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mp3 Simchat Torah 2014
Joy Of The Word
  10/18/2014 Larry Feldman
  Why should we read and study the Bible?
We should read and study the Bible because it is G-d's gift to guide us through life.
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mp3 Sukkot 2014
He Is With Us
  10/11/2014 Larry Feldman
  Sukkot tells us G-d desires to dwell with, provide, and care for His people.
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mp3 Yom Kippur 2014
We Have Atonement
  10/04/2014 Larry Feldman
  Yom Kippur is G-d's solution to mankind's problem of sin.
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mp3 Lessons From Testing 2014 Gen. 22:1-14 09/27/2014 Larry Feldman
  When G-d tries us, what does He want from us? G-d allows tests in our lives to prove our love and provide for our needs.
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mp3 Feasts Of Israel 2014   09/20/2014 Larry Feldman
  The feasts of Israel are G-d's prophetic plan of what He does for His people.
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mp3 Called To Decide Deut. 30:1-20 09/13/2014 Larry Feldman
  If we turn, repent, and choose G-d, He will bless, reward, and give us life.
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mp3 A Covenant And A Commitment Deut. 29:1-13 08/30/2014 Larry Feldman
  We should commit ourselves to G-d because of His faithful calling and salvation of His people. G-d created, called, redeemed, and saved Israel. G-d sought, found, called, and saved us.
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mp3 G-d Warns And Disciplines Deut. 28:15-28 08/23/2014 Larry Feldman
  We should follow and obey G-d because disobedience brings suffering and His judgment.
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mp3 Death: The Bad News And
The Good News
Numbers 35:9-21 07/26/2014 Rabbi
Stuart Dauermann
mp3 Henry Monreal's Bar Mitzvah Isaiah 9 07/19/2014 Larry Feldman
  Message for a young man: Be like Daniel, Joseph, Josiah, David. Message from a young man: Owning up to my own faith -- Yeshua is the Deliverer and King of Israel.
mp3 You Will Be Blessed If ... Deut. 28:1-14 07/12/2014 Larry Feldman
  If we follow and obey G-d's Word, we will experience G-d's blessings and prosperity in our lives.
mp3 Philemon Philemon 07/05/2014 Bob Black
  Lessons to learn and appreciate from Paul's short letter to Philemon.
mp3 Celebrate G-d Times Deut. 16 06/28/2014 Steve Wiggins
mp3 Amazed By Faith Matt. 8; Mark 6 06/21/2014 Frank Winans
  Who is Yeshua?
mp3 Israel - G-d's Holy Land 2014   06/14/2014 Larry Feldman
  Larry Feldman shares highlights from his Tour of Israel and preaches on the biblical sites that they visited.
mp3 War, What is it Good For? Numbers 31 06/07/2014 Steve Wiggins
mp3 Curses, Foiled Again! Numbers 24 05/31/2014 Steve Wiggins
mp3 Aaron's Hot Rod Numbers 16-17 05/24/2014 Steve Wiggins
mp3 Shavuot-Pentecost 2014   05/17/2014 Larry Feldman
  Shavuot, Pentecost, The Feast of Weeks, is a G-d given holiday that should cause us to rejoice and remember.
mp3 Renewal And Re-dedication Deut. 27:1-26 05/10/2014 Larry Feldman
  As we obey and dedicate ourselves to G-d, we need to remember there are consequences for disobedience.
mp3 Israel Independence Day 2014   05/03/2014 Larry Feldman
  Israel's Glorious Future! What are G-d's promises to Israel and the Jewish people? G-d has promised to rebuild the land, revive His people, and establish the future Messianic Kingdom on earth.
mp3 Yom HaShoah 2014   04/26/2014 Larry Feldman
  Questions about G-d that arise when discussing the holocaust.
mp3 First Fruits - Resurrection 2014   04/19/2014 Larry Feldman
  What is a resurrection? Who will be resurrected? How many resurrections will there be? When will the resurrection take place? What does resurrection mean for us? The resurrection means we are accepted; we will see Him; and we will be rewarded for how we served Him.
mp3 Palm Shabbat 2014   04/12/2014 Larry Feldman
  Knowing what to expect will cause us to believe in Yeshua and live our lives for Him.
mp3 Thanking G-d For Our Salvation Deut. 26:1-19 04/05/2014 Larry Feldman
  We should always give thanks to G-d for our salvation and commit our lives to Him.
mp3 Respect And Value G-d, People, And Rights Deut. 25:1-19 03/29/2014 Larry Feldman
  How then should we live? We should respect the law, people, and deal wisely with those who oppose us.
mp3 Purity, Justice, And Our Daily Lives Deut. 24:5-22 03/22/2014 Larry Feldman
  We should care for purity, justice, and our daily lives and needs.
mp3 Purim 2014 - Sleepless In Susa Esther 1-10 03/15/2014 Larry Feldman
  Because G-d is sovereign, faithful, and in control, we should trust and serve Him. Purim is a story of G-d's faithful deliverance.
mp3 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage Deut. 24:1-4 03/08/2014 Larry Feldman
  G-d desires marriages that last and hates divorce that destroys.
mp3 Pure In Worship - Gracious In Deeds Deut. 23:1-25 03/01/2014 Larry Feldman
  As G-d's children, we are to be pure before Him and gracious to others.
mp3 Return Again Genesis 43 02/22/2014 Steve Wiggins
mp3 Lion King - Don't Mess With The Son (MJAA) Psalm 2 02/15/2014 Larry Feldman
  We need to warn the world that their relationship to Messiah, G-d's Son, determines G-d's response to them. The way we relate to G-d's Son determines how G-d will relate to us. If you mess with G-d's Son, you mess with G-d.
mp3 I Am My Brother's Keeper Deut. 22:1-30 02/08/2014 Larry Feldman
  We have a responsibility to provide and protect each others physical and spiritual lives.
mp3 To Keep Or Not To Keep,
That Is The Question
Deuteronomy 02/01/2014 Larry Feldman
  As believers in Messiah, we are bound to keep the new law and free to observe the old law, because the old law has been rendered inoperative. It pleases G-d when we maintain our Jewish identity, and when gentiles choose to identify with us. (link to "Defense Of Messianic Congregations")
mp3 Our Responsibility To G-d's Commandments Deuteronomy 01/25/14 Larry Feldman
  What should our attitudes and responsibilities be toward G-d's commandments and laws? As believers, we are to read, study, apply, and keep the commandments of G-d.
mp3 The Mystery Of The Jewish People
And The Truth Of Scripture
  01/18/14 Michael Rydelnik
  How is it that the existence of the Jewish People form evidence for the truth of G-d's Word?
mp3 Let's Start Over Again 2014 01/11/14 Larry Feldman
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