Evangelism: Sharing The Gospel - Steve Wiggins Special Devotional Series

"Be prepared always to give reason for the hope that is within you." (1 Peter 3:15)

Steve Wiggins is starting the new year, 2014, by offering a series of short devotional-style lessons that teach the basics of sharing the Gospel. The lessons below will discuss how to effectively share the Gospel, so that not only you know it, but that you can articulate it to another person, such as your friend, family member, or co-worker.

You will learn how to answer these basic questions, as well as many others:
∙ Why do we need Salvation?
∙ How have we transgressed against the L-rd?
Then, you will learn how to bring them to a moment where you can lead them into a prayer of saving faith.

Ten Commandments - 1 & 2
Ten Commandments - 3 & 7
Ten Commandments - 4 & 5
Ten Commandments - 6 & 8
Ten Commandments - 9 & 10
What IS The Gospel?
How To SPEAK To People
Sharing Your Faith: G-d's STANDARD
Evangelism: Do You KNOW?
Man, Oh Man!
Understanding G-d
Considering Messiah
You Gotta' Have FAITH
What If ...


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